Monday, December 16, 2013

Sailing Out of Darkness, by Normandie Fischer

It's almost here--the virtual party on Facebook to celebrate the release of Normandie Fischer's latest novel, Sailing out of Darkness

Here's our party schedule of author appearances. Please stop by and win one of these author's lovely books!

9:00-10:10 Barbara Davis, The Secrets She Carried 
10:10-11:20 Lynne Hinkey, Ye Gods! A Tale of Dogs and Demons
11:20-12:40 Jessica Topper, Louder Than Love 12:40-1:50 Robin Patchen, Faith House
1:50-3:00 Jessica Dotta, Born of Persuasion

 3:00-4:10 Barbara Claypole White, The In-between Hour
4:10-5:20 Laura Wharton, The Mermaid's Tale, Book 2
5:20-6:30 Anne Barnhill, Queen Elizabeth's Daughter
6:30 -8:00 our hostess and author of the day, Normandie Fischer, and Sailing Out of Darkness.

Click here to join us!

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