Wednesday, May 1, 2013

From the SC In-Water Boat Show

I had a great time at the SC In-Water Boat Show, and even managed to sell some books. Almost enough to make up for the really cool light I bought! I've scheduled a reading/book signing with the Daniel Island fishing club and a segment on Lowcountry Live from contacts I made at the show, too.

My display at the SC In-Water Boat Show

Boaters and people who work in and around marinas and the water are always full of great stories and a contagious joie de vivre that reminds me of why I enjoyed my days at Sea Grant so very much! Of course I met lots of fun and interesting new people, so a big thank you to Meaghan and everyone in the SC Marine Association for putting on such a fun event, and to all the vendors who made it pleasant, even in the rain on Friday and cold on Sunday! Ralph and Jim from Superior Diesel, Neil and the Tide Tamer guys (who introduced me to a yummy new drink!), Brenda at Lots of Lights, Candace and her friends at the St. John's Yacht Harbor booth, and Sammy and his son at their salad dressing sales booth, thank you all for a great weekend!

My display at the SC In-Water Boatshow
Red Stag (black cherry flavored bourbon) and Dr. Pepper--yummm!
Thanks, Neil!

One of the cool lights offered by Brenda from "Lots of Lights"
More lights. I bought a white-turquoise-green one.

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